As an employer, you know the world’s workers and employers plunged into the Work From Home (WFH) experience because of COVID-19. The change exposed everyone to the benefits and challenges of working from home. 

There is now a new option when it comes to employment agencies and it means you can find the talent you need and they want to Work From Home. The new Women IT Teleworkers (WITT) program specializes in connecting tech company employers with women immigrants who already have international training and experience in IT and prefer to Work From Home.

With funding from the City of Ottawa in April 2020, WITT is now establishing its team, creating the website, finding the IT workers and making employers aware of this unique option. We are offering you the first placement for free and we hope to be able to soft launch in the next month or so. 

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A U.S. study says if one employee works from home just half the time, then your firm will save about $7,500 CDN. That includes real estate, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Finding top talent remains a top concern for most firms and WITT plugs you into an underused resource – internationally trained, women IT workers.

If you want to tap into this new source of talent, please let us know. Send an email to info@WITTJobs.ca and we will add your name to our bank of employers. 

The IT workers will be vetted and also tested to ensure they have the skills listed in their profile. WITT goes one step further and provides training in Work From Home skills to ensure they will be effective employees from the very beginning. 

Who is behind this solution?

WITT is the latest in a series of programs developed by the International Talent Acquisition Centre (In-TAC) which is part of the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC). In-TAC has more than a decade of experience connecting the world’s immigrant talent pool with Canadian companies. This experience tells us there is a need for what WITT offers. 

WITT is a new employment service for women immigrants in the Ottawa region. There are likely 200+ employment agencies in the area but we have extra benefits for both Job Seekers and Employers.
WITT trains the job seekers in best practices to prepare them for the growing reality of the Work From Home environment. Employers fill the need for talent, save money and at the same time diversify the workforce.


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