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3 August 2021
Career Coaching by doris 10221366

By Doris Haddad-Master Certified Career Coach, M.Ed Career Counsellor

Coaching involves all areas of a person’s life, including relationships, career, finances, and more.
In a coach-client relationship, the client is the expert. It is around the client’s agenda that everything revolves. In career coaching, values, needs and desires are highlighted. Everyone has a different dream, but for most people, it never becomes anything more than a dream. Putting the client in charge of their own destiny as quickly and easily as possible is thus one of the many goals of coaching. Balance is an extremely important achievement of coaching. It allows you to live your life fully in accordance with your own beliefs. The client has much more control over their decisions than they may realize. Coaching helps to find the determination and commitment hidden in the client’s deep thoughts. Through self-confidence and a positive attitude, goals are achieved, which is why excuses are usually not accepted. To know what you want, you must understand who you are. Coaching helps the client become self-aware and identify what may be holding them back in order to put useful attributes in place. Most successful people are such because they are able to draw on their personal experiences to transform their lives into what they have always wanted. Coaching is invaluable. I urge us all to have an opportunity to engage in a career coaching session so that you can benefit from new discoveries about yourself and how to reach your goals by taking charge of your career.


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