Creating Balance as a Remote Worker

29 June 2021
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The journey to remote working came on us suddenly. In Canada we thought it was for two weeks, after 2 weeks we thought it was for one month, then three months and today, we are well over one year three months of working from home, except for those in essential services who did in office all through this interesting time in human history. The return to regular office looks a far-reaching goal. I foresee a hybrid style of working. I fear the world may never return to the regular office culture it uses to be. Never say never though.

Considering a future where you have to work from home exclusively or a hybrid I thought it necessary to aim you with some tools to create a balance. 

  • Plan your day planning is the key to having a fun-filled day working from home. Just like you would have planned your day going to the office, plan your activities and respect your plan.
  • Dress for the Office – avoid the temptation of working in some night clothing or having some sloppy appearance. Get up do your morning routines, dress up and show up, meetings or not. Dressing up positively affects your mood.
  • Resume at your Work Station – Have your work station prep for the day and seat professional at whatever space you have created to work from. The kitchen desk, dining table, balcony, living room wherever you have found and created your space show up and sit up. Avoid working from your bed. 
  • Take Breaks – Remember to take breaks as you work from home. The office gives you the opportunity for interaction with colleagues, frequent movements back and forth which is lacking working from home, so accept and give yourself breaks. Avoid the temptation of forgetting yourself in your task, which is a normal working from home.
  • Package your lunch – Working from home should not stop you from eating right and healthy. Prepare your meal, avoid ordering food. Avoid overeating and undereating. Maintain a discipline that is necessary.
  • Have a closing time – Resist the temptation of working endlessly. Have a closing time and maintain it. Unless you are late on your deadline, shut your computer at the closing time and do not work at the weekend except you have a deadline to meet. 
  • Fix time for your emails – because you are teleworking, there is an email rush that can be overwhelming, to avoid being unproductive, overwhelmed and stressed out, set out the number of times in a day to check and respond to your emails. Unless you are expecting that email for the job check your emails as planned.
  •  Take a walk after work – I personally find this refreshing and exfoliating tiredness. DO those routines you normally would do after work at the office, like running, going to the gym and watching a favorite television program. A sit-out picnic at the park is another great idea.

Balance is that equilibrium where everything meets and resonates in harmony. Create the balance you need for a healthy you as you accept the new reality of working from home or a hybrid of the new normal.

Lucy Agba – Project Coordinator WITT

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