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21 June 2021
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I came to Canada in the spring of 2019. I took time to settle and then when I started job search I found it was not easy to reach people and search for the job the way I did back home. After about 6 months of putting efforts on my own, I heard about ACCES Employment through my spouse who works for Scotiabank. Taking his advice, I joined the IT Connections program with ACCES Employment.

It was through ACCES Employment I came to know about WITT (Women IT Teleworkers). The enrolment process was very simple the profile is reviewed and then there is a briefing about what to fill into the profile. The program helped me grow and build my resilience in difficult times. I got the opportunity to interact with guest speakers and there were many who showed interest in knowing my experience and extended their help. Each guest speaker was inspirational and shared all the job search knowledge that they had.

My upgraded skills (PMP Certification), guest speaker tips, and networking played a major role in landing a Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager Role in a start-up Fund Administration company. It’s been just 3 months in the new role but I thoroughly enjoy my work. Each day I am learning new things, each day I use my experience, and is totally amazing to be independent.

If I had to put everything in a nutshell, I would like to list below the factors that helped me achieve my dream of being employed.

  • The T-Chart Cover letter
    It was a simple but effective way to showcase my skills vis-a-vis the job description.

  • Guest speaker session
    I met one of my mentor here who had a similar background as mine and her guidance was very useful in landing the job (Guest Speaker: Hima Varsha Ghose)

  • 21-day data challenge 
    I got this opportunity to learn python basics in a fun way through a 21-day data Python challenge sponsored by Lighthouse Labs

  • Expert guidance
    I received a one-on-one session from Doris that had been instrumental in boosting my confidence.

Ever since I have landed in Canada I have been meeting amazing people and WITT was another addition to this list. I have all the reasons to believe that Canada is the land of opportunities.

My sincere thanks to the entire WITT team for taking the efforts that you really take, with special mention to below people in no particular order:

Ify Mgbakor: Face of WITT for me
Doris Haddad: Career Coach
Guest Speaker: Hima Varsha Ghose

Seema Shah

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