Skills Required for Canada’s Job Market

18 June 2021
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Are you in wonder about what tools you need to navigate the Canadian workplace effectively? Make no worries it is our responsibility at WITT to help arm you with tools to succeed at the workplace.

The first that comes to mind is communication, it maybe because I have my experience in it (smile), not quite.

Communication – is a very essential tool in the Canadian workplace. Bear in mind that Canadians communicate with the utmost respect and expect the same from you. Pitches, body language communicates a lot, it must be handled intentional too. The style of writing is also a big consideration, we write more with “Should, Would, Could, Please” than, “Must, Have to, and such demanding words. An example will be, “Could you please get the document ready at the end of tomorrow”, than “you have to get the document ready by the end of tomorrow”.  Managers and supervisors communicate instruction very subtly as if they as asking your permission. The Canadian style of communication is high sandwiched. So understanding this style of communication and training yourself to hear and read between the lines is a sacrosanct tool.

Grit – this is a necessary skill to grow in life, Canada is no exception. Courage, the strength of character, resilience and a strong desire to become are tools to push through job search, contract and part-time jobs until you finally become who you desire to be professionally.

Networking – This is definitely a must-have in Canada. Maybe after communication, this should be next. Your capacity to network is a strong determinant of your career success in Canada. You never can tell who knows what, who knows who or who is who. Keep an expanded network.

Collaboration – this is a strong tool in the Canadian workplace. The love to share and support each other is so ingrained. There is a free flow of knowledge and information.  If you are a hoarder you will struggle in the office. 

Work with others – the culture in Canada requires a lot of teamwork. Cultivate and keep cultivating the skill because the team culture in Canada is an enviable part of the work system.

Tech Knowledge – if you are from a culture where things are done manually, you must begin to work on your technological ability and improve on it. The COVID situation has not helped in this regard as most work has been done from work in the past year, exposing everyone to more technological tools. So a need to improve on a couple of tech skills is a must-do.

Problem Solving – is certainly a skill to arm yourself within landing and sustaining your role in Canada. Doesn’t life throw at us different issues to solve? Likewise, the ability to solve work-related problems and not lose your head is an essential skill.

Multitasking – expect to have your hands full and joggling a couple of stuff. If to be forewarned is to be forearmed then please be warned.

Those are some of the skills you would need to navigate the workplace. I must mention also that you don’t need to have all of them at an excellent level, wherever you are is a good place to start and improve. Bear in mind, almost every immigrates in Canada is learning something, so you are not alone. The Canadian economy needs you, come determined to impact it.

Lucy Agba – Project Coordinator WITT

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